• 802.3af PoE
  • DC/DC Gigabit PoE Injector with 40-60V DC Input Voltage and 48V/0.35A Output, 16.8W

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Input Voltage: 40Vdc to 60Vdc Normal=48V
Input Current: 0.54A at 40Vdc / 0.45A at 48Vdc / 0.36A at 60Vdc
*Note: The model isolated design, both positive and negative input are all available

Output voltage and current: +48V
Max load: 0.35A
Power: 16.8W maximum
Minimum load: 0A
Load regular percentage: 5%
Line regular percentage: 1%
Ripple percentage: 1%
Noise percentage: 1%
Total power: 16.8W
Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz.

Ripple & Noise is measured by Paralleling a 0.1uF metalize capacitor on the test point.  
Efficiency:  80% min at Full Load , 40Vdc & 60Vdc Input Voltage

Short Circuit Protection
Output Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset
Input with Fuse Protection. 
Safety Standard: meet EN62368.
EMC : meet FCC Class A, EN55032 Class A, EN55035, EN60945, EN50155
Over Current : 120% ~ 160% @40~60Vdc Input F.L
Input Pin & Reverse Protection——NO Work
Input low voltage protection : 32V ±0.5V Power Turn-off  

General description:
Operating temperature: -25 to 45 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
Operating humidity: 5% – 90%
Free air cooling
Dimensions: PC case (MIT-69G-4848BNNN): 85*78*36 (L)*(W)*(H) 
Output OK the LED will be “GREEN”
RJ45 Connected and pin out: @1000MBASE
RJ-45 input (data only) and RJ-45 output (data & power)

Safety/Quality Approvals

Certificate Standard Certificate Number Issue Date Certification Agent
EN50155 11A052601C2 24-Jun-2011 Interocean EMC Technology Corp.
EN60945 11A052601C1 24-Jun-2011 Interocean EMC Technology Corp.


Detail Specification (PDF)  (215 KB)