Single Port Radio Over Ip Gateway with 4G(LTE)/3G Support to provide redundant Internet Connectivity from Broadband and 4G/3G Cellular Data. It can be used to connect a Radio Network from either a Broadband/ a 4G/3G Data/ combination of both in redundancy. It has both Broadband Connection Port (RJ45) and SIM Card Slot for IP Connectivity. It supports all ROIP Server Software Editions.

Product Detail
  • Model No.: RoIP-300GL
  • Single Port Radio Over IP Gateway with 4G/3G Data Support
  • Auto Link Establish between ROIP and ROIP/ ROIP Server over GSM Call on IP Link Failure
  • DHCP Enabled IP Configuration
  • Web Based Configuration
  • Inbuilt Repeater Mode for Radio Interface
  • Vox Operated Radio Interface
  • CSQ Priority Feature over Transmission
  • DTMF Enabled Configuration from Radio
  • RSSI Level Indication on ROIP Server Console*
  • Channel Change Locally from Man Pack Sets through DTMF Commands*
  • Remote Channel Change from ROIP Server Console*
  • Audio Codec Selection (ALAW 64 kbps/ ADPCM 32 kbps)
  • Accessory Input and Output Pins Control
  • Programmable Radio PTT/ Transmission Delay
  • Auto-Connection over the IP Network
  • SIM Network Detection LED Indication
  • Communication from Laptop/ Desktop on any Radio Channel
  • DTMF Controlled Manual/ Auto Call Setup with the other ROIP
  • DTMF Controlled Manual/ Auto Call Setup with ROIP Server Console System