Energy & Natural Resources

The robust nature of Infinet Wireless solutions makes it ideal for deployment under the extreme conditions faced by users within the energy and mining industries


  • Robustness and reliability to operate in the harshest environments
  • Security
  • Mission critical traffic prioritization
  • Application

Energy and mining companies that own and operate critical infrastructure often do so in some of the most remote areas of the world and in the harshest climates. From oil, mineral and ore extraction facilities to refineries to gas processing plants, a highly available, highly reliable infrastructure that is able to link together these often remote facilities is key to the operation and success of the business.

By their very nature, energy and mining companies cannot rely on “vanilla” public communications services and  infrastructures to provide them reliable and accessible networking connectivity. Moreover, with the increased need to support new types of IP Networking infrastructures across these plants – from basic IT connectivity across the locations  to more advanced applications such as remote video surveillance and plant monitoring – means the requirement for increased bandwidth and throughput on the transmissions systems has increased exponentially over the past years.

Fast, reliable, long distance wireless backhaul is therefore one of the most essential applications in the energy industry, capable of high, bi-directional throughputs across long distances in difficult environments. In many cases, laying fibre or copper is neither economically or physically viable, and so the deployment of a broadband wireless infrastructure is the obvious option to provide energy companies with a reliable networking and backhaul infrastructure.

Infinet Wireless has pioneered wireless backhaul technology over the past 10 years, with deployments in some of the harshest climates in Russia, Northern and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and today Infinet Wireless counts many of the world’s leading energy and mining companies as part of its customer base. Oil and gas major players such as Aramco, Yukos, Gazprom, and SurgutNefteGas have all relied heavily on InfiNet solutions as an integral part of their corporate networks. Robustness, reliability, high throughput and reliable long distance transmission are among many reasons why many of these customers around the world have taken Infinet Wireless as their vendor of choice.

All of Infinet Wireless’s solutions include powerful features that significantly enhance performance and reliability, such as unconditional media-applications traffic (VoIP, video, etc), prioritisation of data types and flexible Quality-of-Service management.

Why are Infinet Wireless solutions the best choice for Energy  applications?
High Capacity.

Infinet Wireless base stations and subscriber units are equally capable of handling multiple video streams. The base stations provide high sector capacity which is field-upgradeable from 80 to 240 Mbps and is designed minimise use of valuable radio spectrum, unlike many traditional point-to-multipoint wireless systems. Infinet Wireless CPEs are able to cater for bandwidth requirements between 8 and 50 Mbps net capacity.

Longer Distances.

Built-in amplifiers and sophisticated radio design, along with integrated remote monitoring and support tools, make Infinet Wireless’s solutions an ideal choice for backhauling data from distant sites and linking remote facilities to a corporate network. With capacities up to 240 Mbps and distance spans in excess of 80 km, Infinet Wireless’s products minimise the capital expenditure needed to cover long distances across difficult terrains.

Unsurpassed Robustness and Reliability.

Reliability and robustness have always been two of the most critical requirements for any outdoor wireless deployment. Infinet Wireless’s solutions have been deployed in their tens of thousands in all parts of the world and in the most extreme environmental conditions, from the plains of Siberia and the dunes of the Sahara, to the humidity of the Equator. A unique dust and moisture protection system, a built-in lightning protection and ultra-safe sealing for outdoor units ensure uninterrupted operation of the radio units.

Full Support of Real-time Applications.

The availability of a high capacity radio link is only half the story. Infinet Wireless systems also ensure the transmission of high-quality video and voice streams in real-time mode by allowing the operator to set priorities over other types of traffic to ensure the lowest latency  giving smooth display of video signals. Bandwidth can be prioritised for different types of traffic  to ensure that  low priority traffic doesn’t impact negatively on mission-critical information.


From its inception in 1993, Infinet Wireless has always ensured that state-of-the-art security features are built into the heart of its products and solutions, thereby protecting business critical information while continuing to allow flexible access of the available resources. Network security has been integrated into the fabric of all Infinet Wireless products, helping to provide users with information privacy, protection against web threats, and control their access to corporate resources. Infinet Wireless’s solutions provide the best-in-class set of security features, including built-in IP Firewalling, tunnelling and network intrusion protection.


Highly reliable industrial transport networks to transmit SCADA, Voice, Video and Data.
Connectivity for pipelines, oil clusters, pump stations, energy distribution systems etc.