Mit 07g 48bnnn
  • Passive
  • 48V Gigabit POE Injector with 48V 0.5A Output and Surge Protection, (4/5+,7/8-)
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

Key Specifications/Special Features
  • Function :
    • Transforms AC power to 24V DC power
    • Injects 48V DC through a CAT-5 cable 4,5,7,8-pin, into remote devices such as wireless AP, IP phone and web camera
  • INPUT :
    • Input voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V
    • Input current: 0.49A at 100Vac;0.27A at 240Vac
    • Input Frequency: 50-60 hz
  • OUTPUT :
    • Output voltage and current: 48V
    • Max load: 0.5A
    • Power: 24W maximum
    • Minimum load: 0A
    • Load regular percentage: 5%
    • Line regular percentage: 1%
    • Ripple percentage: 1%
    • Noise percentage: 1%
    • Total power: 24W
    • Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz.
    • Ripple & Noise is measured by Paralleling a 0.1Uf metalized capacitor on the test point.
  • Efficiency : 87% min at Full Load , 100Vac & 240Vac Input Voltage
  • Protection :
    • Short-circuit protected
    • Output Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset.
    • Input with Fuse Protection.
    • High Pot: 4242Vdc, 60Sec, Input Terminal to output Terminal.
    • Meet Level 6 (USA-VI )
  • General description :
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 40 degree Celsius
    • Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
    • Operating humidity: 5 to 90%
    • Free air cooling
    • Size: 86*78*36 mm (L)*(W)*(H)
    • DIN rail mountable by clip kit (option)
  • RJ-45 input (data only) and RJ-45 output (data & power)
  • Indicator :
    •   LED (GREEN) indicates PWR – OK

To install the Gigabit PoE Injector, please follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the DATA IN port on the Gigabit PoE Injector to a switch or HUB with an RJ-45 cable.
  2. Using an RJ-45 cable, connect the DATA OUT port on the Gigabit PoE Injector to a PoE splitter, PoE device (such as a router, access Point, etc.) or a PoE Hub.
  3. Plug in the power connector of the Injector to a connect dc power outlet.
  4. The product fixed installation, please refer to the figure 1.
  5. Before starting, ensure all connections are correct.
  • The Gigabit PoE Injector connects to the Splitter, PoE Hub or POE device through the DATA OUT port.
  • The Gigabit PoE Injector connects to the switch through the DATA IN port.
  • The POWER IN port is receiving power from the dc power outlet.

Start connecting the operating voltage solely if all the above requirements are fulfilled.