• 802.3af PoE
  • Mini Size 802.3af PoE Splitter with DC24V 0.5A 12W output

Input Voltage: DC-40V to DC-60V NORMAL= -48V
Under Voltage Lockout: DC-30V

Output voltage and current: +24V
Max load: 0.5A
Power: 12W maximum
Minimum load: 0A
Load regular percentage: 5%
Line regular percentage: 1%
Ripple percentage: 2%
Noise percentage: 5%
Total power: 12W
Ripple & Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz.
Terminated With a 47uF Capacitor and 0.1uf MPE Capacitor of Proper Polarity.
Efficiency:  75% @-48Vin dc

Short Circuit Protection
Output Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset
Mode is current limits (IO(lim) = io*1.5 max)
Operation frequency is 100KHZ
Isolation Voltage : 1500Vdc
Isolation Resistance :100M ohms (min)
Input Set class Resistance : 25K ohms
Maximum Capacitive Load : 470UF (24V = 100UF)

General description:
Operating temperature: -25 to 50 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
Operating humidity: 5% – 90%
Free air cooling
Dimensions: 65x45x26 (L*W*H)m/m
EMI: Meet FCC Class B standard, Meet EN55032 Class B standard

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