• 802.3bt PoE
  • Ultra High Power PoE Splitter with 48VDC PoE Input and 80W 12VDC Output, 802.3bt compliant
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

Key Specifications/Special Features

Input Voltage: DC-40V to DC-60V NORMAL= 56V

Output voltage and current: 12V
Max load: 6.67A
Power: 80W maximum
Minimum load: 0A
Load regular percentage: 5%
Line regular percentage: 1%
Total power: 80W
For maximum output of 80W, the input DC power supply should be 100W minmetalize capacitor on the test point.
PoE input must use all 8 pins. If only 4 pins input are used when power draw up to 80W, the connector will be burnt.
Efficiency: 85% min @ 56Vin dc

Short Circuit Protection
Ooutput Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset. Over Load Protection is flyback mode , auto-recovery.
Operation frequency Switch is 70KHZ
Isolation Voltage : 1500Vdc
Isolation Resistance :100M ohms (min)
Input identify class Resistance : 25K ohms
Input setting IEEE 802.3bt class 8.
Maximum Load : 150% over load
EMC : Meet FCC Class A Radiation standard Meet EN55032 Class A Radiation standard

General description:
Operating temperature: -40 to 70 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
Operating humidity: 5% – 90% non-condensing
Free air cooling
SIZE : 140*150*40 (L*W*H)m/m
RJ-45 PoE input (data and power) and RJ-45 PoE output (data only)
the model is isolated design, the output +/- or input +/- can be shorted to ground (FG).

*.Detection 802.3bt, power input on all P1~P8.
*.Detection dual signal.(1,2/3,6), (4,5/7,8)
POE INPUT = POEat input 56V(1,2/3,6)(4,5/7,8) LED = GREEN
POE INPUT = 56V on only (1,2/3,6) LED = GREEN (Flash)
POE INPUT = 56V on only (4,5/7,8) LED = GREEN (Flash)