• 802.3bt PoE
  • AC/DC, 5G, 802.3bt POE Injector with 56VDC 75W Output , power on all 4 pairs

Key Specifications/Special Features

Input voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V ±10%
Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60hz
Input current: 1.21A at 100Vac @F.L / 0.78A at 240Vac @F.L
Inrush current: 25A max at 120Vac & 60A max at 230Vac

Output voltage and current: +56V
Max load: 1.34A
Power: 75W maximum
Minimum load 0A
Load regular percentage: 5%
Line regular percentage: 1%
Ripple percentage: 1%
Noise percentage: 2%
Total power: 75W
Ripple & Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz.
Terminated With a 47uF Capacitor and 0.1uf MPE Capacitor of Proper Polarity.
Efficiency: 88% min. at AC 120V Input @F.L

Short-circuit protected
Output Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply
Auto Recover when Load status going to normally
Over Voltage Protection : 59V ~ 65V
Over Current limit: PSE Maximum Delivered Power, Per-Port(Table1 & 2)
LED indicates : JP2
Hold up time: 6mS min. at maximum load &120Vac Input.
EMC: EN55032 Class A, FCC Class A
SAFETY: IEC60950-1, EN 60950-1 (2nd Edition)

General description:
Operating temperature: -25 to 50 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
Operating humidity: 5% – 90%RH (non-condensing)
Free air cooling
Size: 90*118*40 mm (L)*(W)*(H) DIN rail mountable
RJ45 pin assignment: @5G BASE
RJ-45 input (data only) and RJ-45 output (data & power)